NERA is an industrial cluster approach towards the design, building, branding, maintenance and use of ships for commercial and private use.

The NERA Company

Pioneering Synergy in Shipbuilding

Where the traditional shipyard reaches its natural limits, The NERA Company goes further.
Due to a flexible partnership of companies with sometimes decades of experience in ship or yacht building, we always have exactly the right expertise in-house.

For each project, we only work with the specialisms required for your project, thus saving on unnecessary costs.

Our teams consist of highly motivated professionals with years of experience in various facets of shipbuilding.

Whether it's hydrodynamics, structural engineering, electrical systems or interior design, we have the best experts in every field to make the impossible possible. The seamless fusion of these specialties allows us to tackle projects of any size and complexity, refining and optimizing every detail.

The NERA Company provides great freedom to inovate.


Private Jachts

River Cruisers

Industrial Tankers


Sea Cruisliners

Refit Projects